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Beneficial qualities of Moringa

Despite the news about Moringa spread by media could seem exaggerated, most of them are true. They are extremely tenacious trees, called in some African areas “nebedies” which means “that never dies”, because they grow in poor spots, grow back after being cut and they are among the few trees which product fruits during the period of drought.

The Moringa oleifera is also useful for the first stage of the process of physical removal of sediments of non-potable water. It is a process already used in some areas of Sudan, by women when they collect water for the Nilo river.

They put a powder obtained by Moringa’s seeds in a small cloth bag with a string attached. Moving the bag in a circular way, they create a vortex in the bucket so that the fine particles and germs flocculate with the powder of the seeds of the tree, sedimenting of the bottom.

Obviously this is not yet potable water: it will need to be further sterilized, making it boil or filtering it with the sand or putting it in open light in a bottle for a few hours (a process also called “solarisation”.

What specialists say

Today we’re going to talk about Moringa

“Miracolous tree”, “Friend of the mother”, “You never die”. Different names, same subject: Moringa oleifera, the most nourishing plant on the earth. Cultivated in the whole subtropical, tropical and equatorial area, thank to its curative uses and its protein content, it is used also in the natural medicine field, because it brings important benefits to the organism.

This plant brings a general well-being to our body, providing benefits to the nervous, respiratory, reproductive, cardiovascular, skeletal and epidermal system; It is no coincidence that many people met use of it even in the traditional medicine to cure weakness, malnutrition and to support neonatal feeding.

92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory, 18 amino acids, 9 essential amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, C, D, E, K: Moringa contains more minerals and vitamins than the most of the known plants. That is the reason why it is capable to fill the energetically need of people, to foster the strengthening of the immune system and to prevent cellular ageing.

In Italy it can be found pure, imported after a natural process of drying, or in capsules (transformation made directly in Italian buildings). Different food supplements can be extracted, suitable to the contribution of different benefits, depending on the workmanship and on the specific usage of certain properties of the plant.

In particular, Moreg is an intestinal regulator based on Moringa oleifera, indicated to contrast chronic and occasional constipation. In this case, the anti-inflammatory action of Moringa oleifera keeps in balance the intestinal flora, avoiding inflammatory focuses.

The composition of Moreg Forte, food supplement based on Moringa, is more articulated: the various elements are useful to support the regularity of intestinal transit, supporting the functionality of the digestive system and the drainage of body fluids.

It is suitable for people who suffer of chronic constipation, or when laxatives weaken the intestinal tract. Taken for two or three days, and than continuing the cure with Moreg capsules, it becomes a real excellent treatment for those who suffer of those pathologies.

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